Standing prominently on the corner of Mildred Avenue and Durban Road in West Watford (click on this link to see a map), the garden in front of St Michael’s points like an arrowhead in the direction of the homes which the Church seeks to serve. A cross stands symbolically reminding passers-by that it was on a cross that Jesus showed his love for humanity – despite all that his enemies could do to destroy him and all he stood for.

Worship, Service, Growth

A lively and welcoming congregation of all ages meets at St Michael’s – from babes in the Crèche, to nonagenarians – from all walks of life and backgrounds.

We are conscious above all that if we take our faith in God seriously then our priorities must be:

  • Worship which is worthy of him.
    Our principal service is a service of Holy Communion in which we are spiritually nourished by Jesus’ promise of his presence with us when we break bread and drink wine – as he did with his friends the night before he was killed. Music (choral and organ) is very important at St Michael’s. So also is making our services as “user-friendly” as we can. Once a month (on the second Sunday) we have “The 11.15 Service”, which attracts people of all ages, especially the young. Many other services take place – to mark special occasions in family life, in the community and in the Christian year.
  • Sharing our faith in Jesus with others.
    Jesus gave his followers the commission to go out and tell others about him and about his Father, God. Christians were also sent out to continue Jesus’ work of caring for those who were ill, anxious, poor or lost, or who in these fast-moving and often bewildering times find difficulties in their relationships with others.
  • Supporting each other.
    A vital part of Christian life is trying to understand how Jesus would want us to live our lives today. So growing together, in prayer, study and enjoyment is also important. That’s why there are a number of groups and organisations linked to the Church.